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Plugin development

Note: plugin APIs is experimental and we welcome any feedback.

Earl Plugins can:

  • Attach new matchers to expect
  • Attach new validators to Exception class
  • Add new smartEq validation rules that are used internally to compare values

A plugin is an object conforming to the PluginConfig interface:

export interface PluginConfig {
matchers?: Record<string, DynamicMatcher>
validators?: Record<string, DynamicValidator<any>>
smartEqRules?: ReadonlyArray<SmartEqRule>

export type DynamicValidator<T> = (
this: Expectation<T>,
...args: any[]
) => void | Promise<void>
export type DynamicMatcher = (...args: any[]) => any // real type should be Matcher but can be cast to anything for improved DX
export type SmartEqRule = (
actual: any,
expected: any,
strict: boolean,
) => SmartEqResult | undefined

This type and other necessities for plugin development are exposed in earljs/internal module.


Plugins should provide type information by tweaking earl's public interfaces but if you use TypeScript to develop your plugin it can be done automatically.